The breathtaking landscape of Churchill and it's surrounding area.

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New Mill Corn and Flax Mill Phone: +35374 9125115
New Mill Corn and Flax Mill Phone: +35374  9125115
New Mills is location: 5km outside Letterkenny on the R 250 leading to Churchill The oldest surviving building is said to be 400 years old. The whole complex is an interesting reminder of a stage in the industrial development of this country which has now given way to a more sophisticated, but usually far less fascinating technology. There were two separate Mill wheels, one for flax, and one for grinding oats and barley and this is one of few surviving Irish mill wheels. It was made in Strabane in 1867 by Stevenson’s Boundary. Visitors to New Mills can see the water wheel in action. The millrace is 1 km long. And powers two separate Millwheels
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