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Dr. Corina Soare
Staying at Apartments:
RE: Anna May Kelly, Letterkenny Self Catering Accommodation TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I have the pleasure of recommending Anna May Kelly as an honest and reliable landlord, Iwas her tenant gor almost one year and a half, between April 2015 and July 2016. She made every effort to make my stay at the Court Manor House comfortable and enjoyable, always willing to offer advice and help. Her flexibility to accommodate my needs as well as the full rabge of services regarding bills and house maintenance derseve particular mention. Nonethless, the greatest recommendation lies in the quality of the apartments/ Townhouses offered bt Anna May in terms of furniture, facilities and safety. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all her help and support. I look forward to call one of her places home again in the future , if returning to Letterkenny. Ewgards Dr. Corina Soare

Dr. Mira Hemerich
Letterkenny University Hospital
Staying at Apartments:
In June 2014 I decided to move to Ireland and got a job as a doctor in Letterkenny University Hospital, so I was looking for an accommodation. I've found beautiful apartment on one of websites for property renting at the time while I was still back home. Landlord was Ms Anna May Kelly from Letterkenny Self Catering company, so I contacted her directly. From my first contact with Ms Anna May everything was easy and a real pleasure. We had never seen each other but we were communicating like old friends. Apartment was so beautiful that I decided to rent it just upon internet pictures and payed deposit and rent straight away. On my arrival here with my husband,Ms Anna May was waiting for us in the apartment and welcomed both of us with a big hug,which meant such a lot for two of us, mid age people lost and scared, expecting to start a new life in Letterkenny. Aparment was beautiful, bright and extremely clean,fully furnished, so it became our new home. We're still in the same apartment,three years now,and we plan to stay for a long time. Ms Anna May and her husband Eugene are extremely friendly and helpful, whatever we need ,from solving small issues like plug repair, water leakage, to an extra bed when our daughters are comingg...everything is done as soon as possible,within a day or two.I cannot imagine better experience with renting accommodation and I would recommend Ms Anna May and her husband Eugene as perfect landlords to everyone. Mira Hemerich

Dr. Theodora Fragkou
Letterkenny University Hospital
Staying at Apartments:
I first met Anna May on 28th of November of 2016. And I knew right away that I was going to take the apartment. When I moved in, the apartment was clean, spacious cosy and very handy. It is situated in the center of the town, so one can have easy access to everywhere ( shops, bank, hospital even cafes, bus station and cinema). And although is in the center is quiet and peaceful with a very beautiful view. She asked me if I needed or wanted something in the apartment and that would be done straight and right away. It is by far the best place in the area to live. Anna May is courteous, very helpful, reliable and trustworthy. I would definitely recommend the apartment and Anna May. Yours sincerely, Theodora Fragkou May 2017

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